New Webinar: Secrets of Small Talk – Asking Questions

I am teaching Secrets of Small Talk in a free online webinar this Thursday, December 08th, at 04.30pm CET (Central European Time).

Webinars are great for online learning, and I hope to reach people from different countries and backgrounds to have a meaningful talk about communication. Your ability to talk to people about some general stuff, especially to strangers, is not always connected directly to your knowledge of structures and vocabulary of the language you are learning.
People often complain it is hard for them to participate in everyday conversations, especially if small talk is not typical for their culture. So, it’s a cultural problem more often than the language one. Small talk is enormously important for English speaking culture. Can you fit in? Because getting into the cultural context is one of the main steps on your way to fluency.

We will talk about what keeps you from speaking freely and with confidence even if you want to know what to say, and why if often feels confusing to talk to new people. Is it your poor English knowledge? Or is it the lack of certain communicative skills? Or is it your character? Let’s find out!

I will share a couple of communication techniques you can use for handling your fear and getting the most from every conversation you have. How to be polite and appropriate? How not to look stupid?

We will also train an easy method of asking questions. It’s always easier to answer a question than to ask it, isn’t it? The questions are more difficult in grammar structure, so let’s find ways to be safe and correct. Let’s deal with it!

The webinar is taught in English, so Intermediate and Advanced learners of English are welcome!

I have just quoted here the concerns which were bugging me when I was learning English myself. [bctt tweet=”When you come to the webinar, it’s your chance to ask your questions” username=”StordarLearn”] Feel free to ask any question you have about speaking on the webinar or in the comments here.

UPDATE: watch the replay of the webinar here: Small Talk Video.

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