Webinar and Workshop – February 2017

I have prepared two events for you this month, and guess what? Now you will not be able to attend a live webinar on Youtube, but also participate in an exclusive workshop! How cool is that?

The free webinar this month will help you improve your listening skills in English.


‘Listening Secrets: What you need to know to understand English well’ – February 16th, 4.00 pm CET

We all have been there: native speakers of English speak fast. But there is no reason to be discouraged by it. There is a small number of pronunciation features of English which make it different from other languages. If you don’t know these secrets, you could feel lost because people just go on and on and on, and you can’t even separate words or phrases to understand what they are saying.

But if you DO know these patterns, understanding becomes an easy part. 

There are many accents in English, true. But I want to share some universal rules for sentence organization. They define how English sounds. We will talk about word and sentence stress as well as connections between words. These are two things which create this well-known effect that English speakers don’t pronounce many sounds at all. They do! You just need to know what to expect and how English speaking is organised.

My students usually stop having problems with understanding after I describe these simple things to them. So, use the opportunity to learn them too! Understanding English IS real!

Save the date: February 16th at 4.00pm CET (Central European Time). You can convert your time zone here.

During the webinar, I will share 2 simple tips which will grow your listening skills exponentially! We will practise together, and I will give you plenty of examples so that you can continue practising and become a confident listener of English.

I will also share a list of my favourite resources on improving your listening skills: Youtube channels, podcasts, audiobooks etc. No search for untrustworthy resources anymore!

Do you have ideas or questions before the webinar starts? Send me a message in the comments and I will answer you during the webinar!

And one more opportunity for you to improve your English this month!

Workshop for English learners – this first one is FREE!

‘Grammar Hacks: asking questions’ – February 25th (Saturday)

I invite you to participate in an exclusive training for Pre-intermediate English learners this month. We will study in a small group for 90 minutes. This workshop will help you figure out what’s the best way to easily ask questions in English – with no grammar problems.

It will be an interactive study where you will be learning HOW TO DO IT, not just listening to the theory. There will be a lot of speaking practice during this workshop.

Because this is what I want you to do: to speak confidently and accurately.

We will cover all types of questions in English. I will show you the best ways of making them up fast. Then, we will have a group speaking practice where you will apply everything you just learnt. I will give you detailed feedback at the end of the session to help you improve if necessary.

This is going to be personalised learning for every participant. I can’t wait!

For me, it’s very important to be relevant for my readers and learners. Would you like me to make a webinar on the topic which is particularly tricky for you? Do you need training on some particular skills or competencies?

Comment here or contact me on social media – I will be happy to help you with your problem!

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