Thinking – 8 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms | Vocabulary Quiz

Learn and practise phrasal verbs and idioms about thinking process. Practical quiz with audio included.

In this lesson, you will learn and practise 8 set expressions (thinking phrasal verbs and idioms) that will help you describe your thought process. Some of them are phrasal verbs with THINK, and some are connected.

Levels tested: Intermediate

Topics tested: Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms

Time to complete: 3 minutes

Thinking phrasal verbs and idioms included

  1. When you work smth* out or figure smth out, you understand it.
  2. If you think ahead (to smth), you think about the future and plan for it.
  3. When you think smth over or think smth through, you think carefully about the possible results of something.
  4. If you make up your** mind, you make a decision.
  5. To think straight means to think in a clear or logical way.
  6. To think twice means to think very carefully before doing smth because you know about possible dangers or problems.
  7. When you look back (on smth), you think about something that happened in the past.
  8. When someone reminds you of smth or someone, you start thinking about them.

* smth = something

** agrees with the subject: I make up MY mind, but They make up THEIR mind, etc.

Now practise the thinking phrasal verbs and idioms with our free vocabulary quiz. The quiz includes some questions with audio extracts from films and TV shows to help you better understand these phrasal verbs and idioms in real life.

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