The Ultimate Guide to English Reading Rules and Pronunciation


Reading Rules and Pronunciation. Good for Self-Study. For A1-A2 level.

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This guide to reading and pronunciation rules teaches the most important letter combinations for the students to get a clear understanding of English phonics and spelling.

The guide covers 4 types of vowel syllables, the most problematic vowel and consonant combinations, and the list of the trickiest words with silent letters. Great for teaching basics of pronunciation to English learners (could be used in a series of 3-5 lessons). Audio included.

This guide can be used by EFL and ESL teachers as well as for self-learning. I recommend using it in class to read the words in the groups given with the teacher’s assistance.

For further practice, it’s important to ask the students to use the words in their own sentences and apply the rules learnt to short texts and the new vocabulary being learnt in the English course.

* The table of contents *

Page 1 – title page

Page 2 – 4 types of syllables in one table

Page 3 – vowel combinations au, aw, ou, ow, oo, ew

Page 4 – vowel combinations ee, ea, ear, ie, ei, igh, ey, ei, eigh

Page 5 – consonant combinations ck, c (2 types of reading), ch, ph, ugh, kn

Page 6 – consonant combinations sh, th, w in different positions, mb

Page 7 – suffixes cian, cion, tion, sion, ture, sure, ssu, ous, able

Page 8 – a list of the commonly mispronounced words with silent letters

Page 9 – about the author