English Conversation Phrasebook


Learn everyday phrases for social interaction. Simple and practical. For A1-A2 level.

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Learn phrases for easy English conversation. The book includes about 150 phrases for everyday situations, like greetings, asking for help, apologizing, invitations, and others. The phrases are structured into questions and answers sections helping you form basic dialogues without any problems.

This is an e-book. After purchase, you will receive a link for downloading the e-book.

We all know that the most important element in learning a language is to learn how to speak. Yet we learn English for years and can’t achieve the confidence we need to be able to communicate freely. What is the reason? We just do it all wrong.


You need to train yourself for communication. It is a practical skill.

There is a limited number of speaking functions. Quite a short list. And these are just set expressions which you can remember and use without making up every new phrase in your head. With some practice, it will become automatic. Our goal for now is to make you confident in basic communicative situations.

This is great for A1-A2 (Elementary and Pre-intermediate) learners of English.

The main thing is YOU WANT TO SPEAK ENGLISH WELL and you are ACTIVE! Any type of activity is welcome: repeat the phrases aloud, make your own dialogues, record yourself – speaking starts when you start speaking.

Please pay attention that this is an e-book. We don’t provide physical books.