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Say it right! Course of English Pronunciation rules | Smart English Learning

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What you will learn

I will show you step by step all the most important rules of English pronunciation without boring theory and complicated terminology. By the end of the course, you will improve your listening understand of English, will get rid of stupid pronunciation mistakes, and will start speaking right English with confidence.


Spoken English is very different from written language. Yet we start learning English from reading, often left alone with confusing pronunciation rules. Most students pronounce English words the same way as in their native language and, as a result, struggle with speaking confidence and communication.


The system of reading rules and pronunciation is confusing, yes, and we have done our best to present it to you in the most practical way: with numerous examples and practical exercises. This is the only course in English which will teach you how to SAY English, but not how to read it.


You can improve at any level: if you are just starting learning English or even if you know a lot but still feel confused about spoken English.

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Course Modules

1. Initial Pronunciation Evaluation

Start speaking English from the first minute! We will start with evaluation and making up your personal learning plan.

2. Tricky English Vowels

I will show you how the pronunciation of letters A, E, I, O, U, and Y changes depending on their position in the word.

3. How not to get lost in letter combinations

English likes vowel combinations and we will go over them step by step to pronounce them confidently and not to mix them up.

4. Consonants: Usual and Unique

We will learn English consonant system and will see how you can use your own language to speak English.

5. Words looking similar but sounding different - consonant combinations

Let’s organise consonant combinations into a clear system and correct most typical pronunciation mistakes.

6. Silent letters - which letters you don't say at all

There are so many words where letters are written but not said – let’s deal with them!

7. How to read longer words

Word stress is one of the most important elements of English pronunciations. Learn how to use it for your speaking.

8. Final Pronunciation Test

Let’s see how you have improved and plan your next steps.

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Our students love this course!

Vasiliy Egorov

Prague, Czechia

This course is epic! I always hated learning English because of my problems with pronunciation. It was not easy - it's true but only Daria helped me to start speaking English. Highly recommended!

Moscow, Russia

It was really useful, many things I have never heard before. It’s really helpful if you plan to improve your pronunciation up to a native speaker level. And this is strange, but I started to understand by listening better.
Jagoda Chczarz

Wroclaw, Poland

Why did none of my English teachers ever tell me these pronunciation rules were so easy? I really needed this course! I have improved my pronunciation, learned a lot and can hear native speakers much better now.

About the Teacher

I am a professional English teacher with 16 years of teaching experience. I travel the world, speak 5 languages, and love to help people!


I create courses which will help you learn English online at the same high-quality level as when working with a teacher one-to-one. I don’t teach coursebooks. I give you learning experience and tools for growth and confidence.

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What our students say

Say it right! Course of English Pronunciation rules | Sergey Nazarenko Review
Sergey Nazarenko

Prague, Czechia

Nobody does anything like that. I couldn't speak English after school and university - 20 years of wasted time.
It's real language, and the training which is hard to find. You can start speaking now not just spend time on studying.

Do You Have Questions?

1. How well do I need to know English for this course?

This course is suitable for Beginners and Intermediate learners of English. You can understand most of the information even you know very little English.

3. What do I need to study with this course?

Just your computer or mobile phone and the internet connection! I also recommend to use a speech recorder (dictaphone) but it is completely up to you.

5. What support do I get?

You can ask any question about the course and its lessons in the comments or send me an email to contact@stordar.com. The maximum waiting time for the answer is 24 hours. I am always there for you!

2. Do I need Internet connection to study?

Yes, you do. You can’t download the videos from the course – you can only watch them online.

4. When does this course start?

The course is self-paced! You receive access to all the course materials right after the purchase and you can choose how you will learn. I will be sending a recommended learning schedule and weekly tasks for the first month, but it’s completely up to you!

6. Can I get my money back if I don't like it?

You can ask for the refund within the first 15 days after the purchase. Please learn more about the refunds in our Terms and Conditions.

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