A new course: Solve your English Punctuation Problems!

And here it is – our online course for English learners Solve Your English Punctuation Problems is open for enrollment!

I know that a lot of people who are learning English struggle with writing the most. And you don’t want to be among those people. It’s the best time to learn and improve!

After this course, you will:

— improve your writing skills;

— learn how to make correct and effective sentences in English;

— become confident in English punctuation rules and will be able to use punctuation marks in your own writing.


This course is highly practical and covers only the main pain zones about English punctuation. That’s what makes this course unique. It is not a textbook of articles about the rules with hardly any practice. You will be doing actual training in every session.

It is specially made for English learners of A2 (Pre-intermediate) and higher. It is not a good course for the beginner or elementary learners — you need to know the basics of English grammar to do this course.

You will have step-to-step practice to learn how to make correct texts and write confidently. So, you don’t want your writing to look not like this:


We intend to make your text look like this instead)


What to know how? Join us in the course!

This is an online learning platform, so when you enrol – you get access to my school website, and this is your self-paced course! You follow my curriculum, you do the exercises, check your results immediately and monitor your progress, and you take as much time to work with every lesson as you need. You can communicate with me in the comments box, and I will be assisting you all the way!

This is how your personal study zone will look:

3-Пример с заданием

The course covers the material of 6 months of group learning because punctuation rules are somehow sporadically covered in most courses. There is no system to it! But I DO offer you the system and all the things you will ever need in ONE PLACE. You don’t need to read long grammar books with rules, and you will have only the necessary material systemised by me to save your time and make it practical. Also, the cheatsheet is available for download!

Online courses is a new way of learning, and it is very effective. So, you’re welcome to join me. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the course or enrolling, and see you inside!

Enrol here: http://stordar.teachable.com/


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