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Welcome to my course on effective techniques of English writing!

Are you a non-native speaker who has to write in English?

Does it feel hard for you to express yourself in writing?

Do you feel that your writing is not natural and hard to read?

Let’s fix it together!

In the first course of my ‘Write Better in English’ course series, I am teaching you how to use discourse markers (aka text linkers or connecting phrases) in your English writing to make it more comfortable and interesting for people to read.

Who is this course for?

It’s made for non-speakers of English who have to write in this language for their job and studies. You should know English at Intermediate or higher level for this course.

What will this course teach me?

First, we will talk about simple yet often forgotten techniques for organising your ideas. You will get practical tips on how to improve your texts.

Next, I will teach you how to connect your ideas together with a help of discourse markers (phrases like ‘therefore’, ‘although’ etc.) We will go step by step through the main text linkers groups: you will know how to use them and will see my writing examples for better understanding.

Finally, you will have a chance to correct some small pieces of writing using the discourse markers from the course. It will help you use them in your own writing in English.

Confident usage of discourse markers will help you make clear, easy to read texts which your readers will love.

Ready to start? Join the course now!

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Blogger, Spain

This course is very clear and well-explained. I like the teaching style very much! It's very visual: there are a lot of examples, good visuals. This course has helped me a lot with my confidence in writing because I am not a native speaker, and I am just starting to write in English. I really appreciate your help!

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This is a series of video lessons teaching you how to use discourse markers step by step. Practise with me!
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