06 About self-discipline and motivation

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Today we are talking about our struggles in the learning process.

Why do we often feel like failures? What can we do to stop feeling like this?
We will discuss the importance of discipline in language learning, and how to develop it for yourself. We will also talk about organising your learning process and making it an integral part of your routine. We will share how we manage to fill in regular learning practice in our crazy schedules.

Language Note:
I would like to help you guys and Masha learn through this experience, so I will be making some small corrections to something said not in a perfect way. Mistakes are not a problem – we are learners 😉 but never lose a chance to improve!

Masha said:
much more easier’ (2 times)))) – Well, sorry, Masha, but easier is already a comparative, so you don’t need ot use more here. Correct: ‘much easier’.

to climb an Everest’ – it is correct to say: ‘to climb Everest’. Everest is a proper (unique) name; no article before it.

‘from one hand’ – well, the correct phrase is ‘on the one hand’
That’s all grammar for now)

I also mentioned my resources we use for scheduling our learning activities. If you would like to try using our Learning Journal to make a record of your progress, Get access to an editable Google Doc here: http://bit.ly/2boWM8e. Just push ‘Make a copy’ and adapt as you like.

And also, I have created a special list of resources for our listeners. I wanted to give you an example of 5-10-15-minute activities you could fit in in any schedule to practise every day. This is an example of such list for improving writing skills. You can download it here: http://bit.ly/2bpOvQb.

If you are interested in my Punctuation online course I mentioned, please follow the link http://stordar.teachable.com/.

Send us a comment if you start using our resources. We would like to know how they are helping you to learn English! Please share with your friends if you like them. Enjoy the episode!

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