Learn how to pronounce English words correctly

Join this FREE pronunciation challenge and improve in just 4 days!

Day 1: Learn how to practise English for the better pronunciation

I will tell you about the best exercises and apps to use for your pronunciation practice.

Day 2: Learn how to avoid the most stupid pronunciation mistakes

I will teach you the most important English pronunciation tricks and rules.

Day 3: Improve your English accent with practical pronunciation exercises

You will learn the best ways to improve your pronunciation without a teacher.

Day 4: Plan your next steps for improving pronunciation and listening

Make a real-life plan on how to keep on improving your pronunciation and listening understanding.

Tatiana Lapina


It was so great to find this course. Why our teachers at school never told us about these simple rules? It would save me years of embarrassment. It is all so easy, after lessons with Daria. I can now travel and speak with real people. Highly recommended!

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