Free Guide: Best Podcasts and Youtube Channels to Improve your Listening Skills

Here, I have collected a list of the best resources you can use to improve your listening skills in English. I believe, if you can't understand what people say, you will never be confident in English. If you are stressed, you can't talk, can you? 

Unfortunately, there are not so many resources which actually teach you how to listen to English. I tried to do my best collecting the lessons you can use for improving your skills and also learning something through listening. I have tested all of these resources myself, and my students love them! Enjoy and please let me know which ones you will find really useful!

Great Youtube Channels

Daily Dictation Youtube Channel | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning
Daily Dictation channel with coach Shane

This is virtually the best resource you can find to teach you how to listen to fast English (American English). The channel shows you some short videos containing a listening quiz - an extract from the news or a movie - with further answers and explanations by the charismatic Coach Shane. He is very artistic and motivating. 

​There are over 300 episodes available. I use this channel with my own students with great results.

SpeakOut Video Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning
Speakout video podcast from Pearson elt

This is a video addition to a well-known textbook series from Pearson ELT. The podcast is recorded in natural speaking in the streets of London.

The videos are organised by levels and all of them have the subtitles. I suggest you start small: begin with the ones you mostly understand and then increase the difficulty step by step.​

Great Podcasts

English Class 101 Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning

This is probably the biggest database of language learning resources in the world. You can find their podcasts and videos of great quality about many languages. 

I find their podcast structure a bit confusing but it's still worth checking out. I recommend their Youtube channel listening skills videos organised by the level.​

Leo Listening Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning

Cara from Leo Listening is a teacher specialising in helping with listening skills. I like her motto of going 'subtitle-free'. She writes a lot of helpful articles in her blog and records a nice podcast with great tips.

Australia Plus Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning
learn english from australia plus

Learn English from Australia Plus is another great English learning resource. Their podcast is packed with value: you will find there short but useful episodes about various aspects of English vocabulary and grammar. I absolutely love them!

They are general English tips podcast but you will learn a lot of stuff and improve your English with them by listening, which is also great!

Business English Pod | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning

This is a 'must' if you need to use English for work. A big podcast of business English. They record episodes in different categories of business skills (socialising, meetings, negotiations, job hunting and so on). Every episode has a clear structure with a lot of vocabulary practice.

Again, it's great for learning stuff and developing your listening skills in the process. Highly recommended to business professionals!​

6-minute English Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning
6-minute english and the english we speak from bbc learning english

BBC Learning English is one of the leading providers of great educational content. Their two podcasts: 6-minute English (short episodes about different topics) and The English we speak (everyday idioms) are very practical and easy-to-digest.​ I use them with most of my students; they love them!

Strangely, the 6-minute English only has 6 last episodes listed in the iTunes directory. For more episodes, you can go directly to their website

Luke's English Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning

For more confident listeners, I hope Luke's English Podcast will be entertaining and useful. The guy is a professional comedian and really interesting to listen to. He teaches a lot of vocabulary and speaking phrases and provides great value.

The episodes are about 40 minutes long each, so I recommend to get to it when you feel confident enough to deal with such long stories. But they are totally worth it!​

Very useful read!

​You can find literally everything about language learning podcasts in the post from an amazing blog Lindsey Does Languages. Check the post out for more recommendations about many languages!

learn something else through english

Coffee Break French | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning
Coffee break german and other languages from radiolingua

Why not learn another language using English as a means? I think it's a great idea! And I have a really invaluable resource to recommend on that matter. Radio lingua records podcasts for beginners of French, German, Spanish and other languages. You will be listening to English and learning a new language - awesome!

Magic Lessons Podcast | Listening Resources Recommendations | Smart English Learning
Magic lessons podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert

Once you get on your feet with listening skills, you can move on to the original content but not lessons recorded for you by teachers. Here, of course, you have unlimited choice of whatever you will enjoy listening about. Just remember that you still need regular listening practice not to lose your newly-developed skill of listening.

My last recommendation will be Magic lessons with Lix Gilbert. She is a well-known life coach and you can hear a lot of valuable advice in these podcast episodes. She also speaks very clearly for an American native speaker, so I guess it could be a great start with the original materials.​

To make it work, you should enjoy it. Don't forget that we learn the best when we are emotionally involved. Try these resources out and find something that 'clings' and then learning will be easy! And please remember about regularity!! 5 minutes a day for a month will make real miracles to your skills, only don't forget to practise every day or at least 3 times a week.

Want to save this guide for later? Download its PDF version here!​

I hope you enjoy all of the resources recommended here. If you know something absolutely breathtaking other learners of English could benefit from, don't hesitate to tell me about it! Contact me at with any recommendations, feedback or additions to this list you think are worth sharing. I will certainly check them out!

Speak soon!