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This post is an extract of a case study describing how I work with my students, and what methods of learning languages are available nowadays.

I am posting a report of my student about visiting a language exchange community in Prague. We have been working over Sonia’s speaking confidence and speaking skills for a year, and she has made progress from a low A2 to confident B1 level, and now she is progressing faster and faster.

Now the task is to give her as many opportunities for real speaking practice as possible. And this meeting was a great success, because not only did she make many new people speaking English at a different level, but she also liked it so much and is determined to continue!

Hi! Today I want to share my langugage experience in a language exchange club in Prague. Me and my teacher Daria were there on 14th of August.

First of all, I wanna say that at the meeting I really managed to deal with my language barrier, I felt that I can speak well, think in English. These meetings are held in a relaxed atmosphere, besides English, people can practice French, Polish, German, Spain and many other languages. There were several tables, and you could join which language you wanted to speak.

Secondly, at this meeting you stop to be scared. I am sure every person think that he won’t able to speak, will look foolish and a lot of different things. But I assure you it is not scary! It is fabulous and really motivating. Below you can see the photo from the meeting and you can see friendly and fun atmosphere.


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