10 What are you good at? Describing skills

Figure Out English Episode 10 What are you good at? | Daria Storozhilova

What are you good at? Or what are you bad at? We often need to talk about what we can do or can’t do: either at work (at the job interview, for example) or in our everyday life. We are often very emotional. If you use a phrase ‘I can swim well’, the grammar here is a bit tricky (modal verbs are the most terrible you can get in English).

In everyday speaking, we use set expressions with with the verb ‘to be’ a lot. Such structures are more flexible and easier to deal with. Use a simple expression ‘be good / bad at (doing) something’ to talk about your skills. Let me show you how in this episode of the podcast:

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Key takeaways


I am good / bad / terrible / great / hopeless at + Ving

What are you good / great / not very good at?

Example sentences:

  • I am good at swimming.

  • I am not very good at playing the piano.

  • I am quite good at learning languages.

  • I am not really good at cooking.

  • I am hopeless at maths.

  • I am great at talking to people.

'I am good at' is easier than structures with modal verbs. Use it in your #speaking.

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Figure Out English Episode 10 | Daria Storozhilova

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