21 Learn English Vocabulary: Synonyms for beautiful

How to learn vocabulary effectively? How to remember more words? 

I will show you an easy technique of remembering vocabulary in English - let's learn synonyms for beautiful in today's episode.


How do polyglots remember so much vocabulary in different languages? They establish connections between words, learn them in context, organise them graphically.

I already talked about vocabulary learning techniques in Episode 14. Learn more about synonyms in English with the today's episode.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • how we remember vocabulary the best way;
  • which online resources to use for practising vocabulary;
  • synonyms for beautiful and how to use them.

Ready to learn? Let's jump in!

  • nice / lovely
  • cute
  • pretty
  • good-looking
  • attractive
  • gracious
  • beautiful / handsome (for men)
  • pleasant
  • stunning
  • gorgeous
  • breathtaking
  • dazzling

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21 Learn English Vocabulary: Synonyms for beautiful

by Daria Storozhilova time to read: 2 min