12 Talking about the weather

Figure Out English Episode 14 Talking about weather

It seems easy to discuss the weather in English, but we, English learners, face a couple of difficulties with impersonal structures we need to use here.  How will it be correct to say: ‘Is hot’ or ‘It is hot’? Can we ever skip this ‘it’ or not? How to use the verbs ‘rain’ and ‘snow’ correctly?

Let’s figure out the safe ways of talking about weather.

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Key takeaways

Typical mistakes:

Is cold. Was sunny yesterday. Today is cold. Am tired. It is rains.

correct structures:

It is cold. It was sunny yesterday. Today it is cold. I am tired.

It rains here a lot. It snowed yesterday. 

how to ask and answer:

What is the weather like today? - It is very nice today.

Talking about weather in English? Don't forget to use 'it'! | Figure Out English

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