16 How to ask for recommendations

Learn how to ask for recommendations in English and give advice about people and places. Improve your spoken English.

Imagine someone is visiting your town. What will you recommend them to see? Learn how to give and ask for recommendations for things and places.

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Key takeaways

How to give recommendations / advice:

  • You should … (You should visit that park – it’s amazing!)
  • You should definitely … (You should definitely try their ice cream!)
  • You ought to … (more formal, more emotional)
  • You mustn’t miss … (You mustn’t miss Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin!)
  • It’s (well) worth + Ving (It’s well worth going to Prague – amazing city!) or
  • [Something] is worth + Ving (Prague is worth visiting / a visit).

Structures with the verb ‘recommend’:

  • recommend + Ving (I recommend trying their cakes!) BUT
  • recommend + smb + to V1 (I recommend you to try their cakes!)

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