16 How to ask for recommendations

Figure Out English Episode 16 Recommendations

Learn how to give and ask for recommendations for things and places. You can't just say: 'Go there', it's rude, isn't it? 

Imagine someone is visiting your town - what will you recommend them to see? Say: 'You should go ...'. Learn more phrases like that and how to ask for recommendations in this new episode:


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Key takeaways

how to give recommendations / advice:

  • You should ... (You should visit that park - it's amazing!)
  • You should definitely ... (You should definitely try their ice cream!)
  • You ought to ... (more formal, more emotional)
  • You mustn't miss ... (You mustn't miss Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin!)
  • It's (well) worth + Ving (It's well worth going to Prague - amazing city!) or
  • [Something] is worth + Ving (Prague is worth visiting / a visit). 

Structures with the verb 'recommend':

  • recommend + Ving (I recommend trying their cakes!) BUT
  • recommend + smb + to V1 (I recommend you to try their cakes!)

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Figure Out English | Episode 16 Recommendations

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