15 Which prepositions to use after ‘go’ and ‘arrive’?

Figure Out English Episode 15 Prepositions of Movement

Prepositions are always tricky, and the best way to learn them is to learn them in groups. Today I am talking about the prepositions of movement: what we use after verbs like 'go', 'fly', 'come' and so on. There is one verb which is different from all the others: 'to arrive'. It can use 2 prepositions depending on what place you are talking about. Learn more from the today's episode!


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Key takeaways

Typical mistakes:

  • Let's go in the cinema tonight. (Correct: go to)
  • He moved in Italy last year. (Correct: moved to)
  • We arrived to the airport earlier than expected. (Correct: arrived at)

Which prepositions of movement to use:

  • After all verbs of movement (go, walk, fly, move, jump etc.), use the preposition to;
  • After the verb 'arrive', use in - for countries and cities (e.g. We arrived in Seville after midnight), BUT use at - for all other places (e.g. What time will you arrive at the office?).
  • The word 'home' never uses any prepositions of movement, so we always say 'to go home', 'to come home' etc. The only preposition which can be used with 'home' is at: I am at home (here it is a preposition of location).


  • I am going home now. Are you?
  • I like to stay at home in the evenings.
  • What time will you arrive home?
  • We are arriving in Paris in half an hour.
  • She arrived at the conference later than other participants.
  • Will you come to the conference this year?

'Arrive' is a tricky verb! Use the correct prepositions after it 😉 #figureoutenglish

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Episode 15 Prepositions of Movement | Figure Out English

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