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14 of the most useful Business English Expressions | Learn English Online

14 of the Most Useful Business English Expressions (for Small Businesses) & How to Use Them! 

Guest post by Ashleigh from My Business English Coach. Do you run or work for a small business or startup? Here are some the most useful business English expressions to help you rock small business talk, get you business English fluent and express yourself (like a boss) this year. Not all business phrases are created equal, […]

Figure Out English Episode 17 Verb Patterns: New Year Resolutions

17 How to Use Verb Patterns for your New Year Resolutions 

Learn how to give and ask for recommendations for things and places. You can’t just say: ‘Go there’, it’s rude, isn’t it? Imagine someone is visiting your town – what will you recommend them to see? Say: ‘You should go …’. Learn more phrases like that and how to ask for recommendations in this new […]

Learning English Effectively: How to Manage Your Time | Daria Storozhilova

Learning English Effectively: How to Manage Your Time 

In my recent Facebook live video session, I was talking about two main aspects of learning English effectively: self-organisation and schedules. Finding the time for English learning is probably the most popular problem I hear about. In many cases, people lose motivation after a while. They feel guilty and it leads to giving up. And […]

Best English Learning Websites (post from Real English Conversations)

Best English Learning Websites (Article from Real English Conversations) 

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Figure Out English 16 How to give recommendations in English

16 How to ask for recommendations 

Learn how to ask for recommendations in English and give advice about people and places. Improve your spoken English.

Figure Out English 15 Prepositions of movement after the verb ARRIVE

15 Which prepositions to use after GO and ARRIVE? 

Mistakes with prepositions are common among English learners. Improve your grammar with our new episode about prepositions used after the verb ARRIVE. Yes, it’s a bit tricky!

Irregular Verbs Mistakes | Smart English Learning

3 Irregular Verbs mistakes you need to avoid 

In one of my previous posts, I told you about how to learn irregular verbs effectively using a simple method of dividing them into groups. There is one problem though. There are some many of them and we just don’t have time to think and remember while speaking. And some verbs are just unlucky – English learners […]

Figure Out English Episode 11 Regular Verbs Pronunciation

11 How to Pronounce Regular Verbs in the Past 

We know how to make up past forms for regular verbs but they still may cause us trouble in speaking. I hear pronunciation mistakes from English learners almost every day, unfortunately. The rule of regular verbs pronunciation is not difficult at all. Practise in the today’s episode with me! Check out the episode below: Watch […]

Figure Out English: Improve English Speaking | Learn English Online

Why not Improve English Speaking with ‘Figure Out English’? 

Podcasts are now a big deal in language learning, and it is quite easy to understand why. We develop our basic confidence in the language through listening. If we can understand what people around us say, we start talking to them. At least, this is how it should be. Being as great as they are, […]