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Figure Out English 06 Apologising

06 I didn’t mean to… Apologising 

Figure Out English 05 How to ask about prices

05 How much does it cost? Asking about price 

Figure Out English 04 How to ask questions

04 Easy way to ask questions – ‘Can I?’ 

I guess you will agree that asking questions is always the hardest in communication for English learners. I suggest you follow some basic patterns which you can use in many contexts. Today I am sharing the first pattern with you. You can use it to make a lot of questions in everyday conversations. Watch the video episode and practise with me!

Figure Out English 03 So do I Neither do I

03 So do I / Neither do I 

Today we will learn how to say that something is the same for you when having a conversation in English. These are popular everyday phrases for your speaking.

Figure Out English 02 I don't understand

02 Ways to say ‘I don’t understand’ in English 

Today we deal with a confusing situation: how to say ‘I don’t understand’ in English. When you have problems with understanding – it is usual, and you shouldn’t be afraid of that. It happens all the time with native speakers too. But for English learners, it is quite emotional because it could show you are not fluent enough, and we don’t want to look stupid.

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