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Figure Out English 36 Telephone Phrasal Verbs

36 Telephone Phrasal Verbs 

Let’s learn phrasal verbs about using the phone in episode 36 of ‘Figure Out English’ podcast. How do you say ‘Wait’? How to explain your connection was lost? Learn to speak naturally with these phrasal verbs.

Figure Out English | How to improve English Pronunciation

35 How to improve English pronunciation 

How is pronunciation different from accent? Why does it matter to your English learning? Listen to my practical tips on improving your English pronunciation in a new episode of ‘Figure Out English’ podcast.

Figure Out English 34 Is English difficult to learn?

34 Is English difficult to learn? 

Is English difficult to learn? Learn how you measure your language progress and how difficult it is to achieve fluency in English comparing to other languages with our new ‘Figure Out English’ episode.

Figure Out English 33 Positive Phrases for Everyday Conversations

33 Positive phrases for everyday conversations 

Learn positive phrases for everyday conversations in English. It’s quite hard to express your emotions in a foreign language, and this episode of ‘Figure Out English’ will help you with that.

Figure Out English 31 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms about Learning

31 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms about Learning 

How to describe learning in conversational English? Learn some useful idioms and set expressions from our ‘Figure Out English’ podcast.

Collocations and Phrasal Verbs with GO | Learn English Online

Collocations and Phrasal Verbs with GO 

Learn and practise important collocations and phrasal verbs with GO with me. What are the typical structures where you can use the verb ‘go’? How does it combine with prepositions and other parts of speech? Let me tell you all about it in this lesson.

Figure Out English 30 How to showcase your professional skills

30 How to showcase your professional skills 

Today I will be talking about the ways to showcase your professional skills: how to say that you can do something well, at your job interview, in your resume, when talking about other people, when giving references to other people and so on.

Figure Out English 29 Synonyms for difficult

29 Synonyms for DIFFICULT (+collocations and idioms) 

We often need to say that something is not easy to do. Let’s learn some synonyms for describing difficult tasks and jobs.

Figure Out English 28 Most common phrasal verbs

28 10 most common phrasal verbs for speaking 

 Let’s learn 10 of the most common phrasal verbs used in English speaking.