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Figure Out English How to ask for help

20 How to ask for help 

You need to learn how to ask for help in English first, before anything else. Agree? This is the structure you will use most of all. And your main task: to be polite and friendly – only this way you will get the help you need.

Figure Out English 19 How to use likely

19 How to use ‘likely’ 

When we talk about possible or impossible events in the future, we often use LIKELY in English. Do you know how to use such structures? If not, episode 19 of ‘Figure Out English’ will help.

How to use like Episode 18 | Figure Out English

18 How to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings 

This new episode of ‘Figure Out English’ podcast will teach you how to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings. I guess you have already seen ‘like’ being used not as a verb but as a preposition in phrases ‘look like’ or ‘be like’. Let’s figure these phrases together. More… Check out the episode below: Share0Tweet0Pin0Share0 <<< Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes >>> You will also like: 14 of the Most Useful Business English Expressions (for Small Businesses) & How to Use Them!In my recent Facebook live video session, I was talking about two main aspects of learning English effectively:…

Figure Out English Episode 17 Verb Patterns: New Year Resolutions

17 How to Use Verb Patterns for your New Year Resolutions 

Learn how to give and ask for recommendations for things and places. You can’t just say: ‘Go there’, it’s rude, isn’t it? Imagine someone is visiting your town – what will you recommend them to see? Say: ‘You should go …’. Learn more phrases like that and how to ask for recommendations in this new episode: More… Check out the episode below: Share0Tweet0Pin0Share0 Click here to leave a review on iTunes Support me on Patreon   Key takeaways how to give recommendations / advice: You should … (You should visit that park – it’s amazing!) You should definitely … (You should…

Figure Out English 16 How to give recommendations in English

16 How to ask for recommendations 

Learn how to ask for recommendations in English and give advice about people and places. Improve your spoken English.

Figure Out English 15 Prepositions of movement after the verb ARRIVE

15 Which prepositions to use after GO and ARRIVE? 

Mistakes with prepositions are common among English learners. Improve your grammar with our new episode about prepositions used after the verb ARRIVE. Yes, it’s a bit tricky!

Figure Out English Episode 14 | Daria Storozhilova

14 How to remember vocabulary in English 

Figure Out English 13 Everyday phrases

13 Everyday phrases: It depends, It doesn’t matter, It takes 

Figure Out English Episode 14 Talking about weather

12 Talking about the weather