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Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz 1 | Learn English Online

Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz 1 

Here is our new quiz! I have picked 15 most common phrasal verbs in English speaking – can you get them all right?

Figure Out English 40 Tricky words with -ly

40 How to use tricky words ending in LY suffix 

Did you know that HARDLY means not the same as HARD or LATELY has a completely different meaning from LATE? Figure out how to use tricky words ending in -ly suffix with our new episode.

Quiz: Verbs of speaking | Learn English Online

Check if you use SPEAK, TALK, TELL, and SAY correctly 

I hear that people often confuse verbs of speaking: SPEAK, TALK, TELL, and SAY. How good are you with these verbs? Check with our new quiz.

Common English Phrases for Conversation | Free English Quiz

Check your conversation skills in English 

Do you speak English or do you translate from your language in your head? Check your knowledge of common conversation phrases with our new quiz.

Figure Out English Episode 39 Ways to say 'Hurry up'

39 Ways to say HURRY UP | Figure Out English Podcast 

Imagine in you don’t have much time but other people just take forever to get ready. What will you say to them? Learn these conversational expressions to hurry someone up. New ‘Figure Out English’ episode!

Figure Out English 38 Common Mistakes in English Speaking

38 Common mistakes in English Speaking 

With episode 38 of ‘Figure Out English’, you will learn how to avoid these common mistakes in English speaking – speak English using correct prepositions and set expressions.

Best Books for English Grammar | Learn English Online

The best books to improve your English grammar 

Learn about the best books to use to improve your English grammar. I have organised the recommended books by level.

Idioms about Dreams and Ambitions | Figure Out English

37 Idioms about Dreams and Ambitions 

At the beginning of the new year, we always make plans and think what we want to achieve. I am teaching you some great phrases to help you discuss your ambitions.

Common Mistakes with Dependent Prepositions | Learn English Online

Common Mistakes with Dependent Prepositions 

Feeling confused about English prepositions? Avoid making these typical mistakes in the use of prepositions after verbs in speaking and writing.