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41 How to talk about your English level

How to tell people about your level of English? How can you describe your level of English proficiency? Learn useful spoken expressions for your conversations.

40 How to use tricky words ending in LY suffix

Did you know that HARDLY means not the same as HARD or LATELY has a completely different meaning from LATE? Figure out how to use tricky words ending in -ly suffix with our new episode.

39 Ways to say HURRY UP | Figure Out English Podcast

Imagine in you don’t have much time but other people just take forever to get ready. What will you say to them? Learn these conversational expressions to hurry someone up. New ‘Figure Out English’ episode!

38 Common mistakes in English Speaking

With episode 38 of ‘Figure Out English’, you will learn how to avoid these common mistakes in English speaking – speak English using correct prepositions and set expressions.

37 Idioms about Dreams and Ambitions

At the beginning of the new year, we always make plans and think what we want to achieve. I am teaching you some great phrases to help you discuss your ambitions.

36 Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Let’s learn phrasal verbs about using the phone in episode 36 of ‘Figure Out English’ podcast. How do you say ‘Wait’? How to explain your connection was lost? Learn to speak naturally with these phrasal verbs.

35 How to improve English pronunciation

How is pronunciation different from accent? Why does it matter to your English learning? Listen to my practical tips on improving your English pronunciation in a new episode of ‘Figure Out English’ podcast.

34 Is English difficult to learn?

Is English difficult to learn? Learn how you measure your language progress and how difficult it is to achieve fluency in English comparing to other languages with our new ‘Figure Out English’ episode.

33 Positive phrases for everyday conversations

Learn positive phrases for everyday conversations in English. It’s quite hard to express your emotions in a foreign language, and this episode of ‘Figure Out English’ will help you with that.

31 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms about Learning

How to describe learning in conversational English? Learn some useful idioms and set expressions from our ‘Figure Out English’ podcast.

30 How to showcase your professional skills

Today I will be talking about the ways to showcase your professional skills: how to say that you can do something well, at your job interview, in your resume, when […]

29 Synonyms for DIFFICULT (+collocations and idioms)

We often need to say that something is not easy to do. Let’s learn some synonyms for describing difficult tasks and jobs.

28 10 most common phrasal verbs for speaking

 Let’s learn 10 of the most common phrasal verbs used in English speaking.

26 How to use have in everyday speaking

Today I am describing how to use have as an empty verb in everyday speaking phrases. 

25 Other ways to say ‘I don’t know’

In this episode, I will be helping you with conversational phrases. We will learn other ways to say ‘I don’t know’.

24 Phrasal Verbs about Travel

Learn useful phrasal verbs about travel for your next holiday abroad with a new episode of the ‘Figure Out English’ podcast.

23 Prepare your English for Travel

 Going on holiday soon? Wondering how to fast brush up your English for travel? I have some cool tips for you in a new episode of the ‘Figure Out […]

21 Learn English Vocabulary: Synonyms for beautiful

How to learn vocabulary effectively? How to remember more words?  I will show you an easy technique of remembering vocabulary in English – let’s learn synonyms for beautiful in today’s episode.More…How […]

20 How to ask for help

You need to learn how to ask for help in English first, before anything else. Agree? This is the structure you will use most of all. And your main task: […]

19 How to use ‘likely’

When we talk about possible or impossible events in the future, we often use LIKELY in English. Do you know how to use such structures? If not, episode 19 of ‘Figure Out English’ will help.

18 How to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings

This new episode of ‘Figure Out English’ podcast will teach you how to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings.  In episode 9 of our podcast, we learnt how to talk about […]

17 How to Use Verb Patterns for your New Year Resolutions

 Today, we will be looking at how how to use verb patterns correctly in English. More…The year 2017 has come to an end and we are now looking at a new […]

16 How to ask for recommendations

Learn how to ask for recommendations in English and give advice about people and places. Improve your spoken English.

15 Which prepositions to use after GO and ARRIVE?

Mistakes with prepositions are common among English learners. Improve your grammar with our new episode about prepositions used after the verb ARRIVE. Yes, it’s a bit tricky!

14 How to remember vocabulary in English

Today, I am answering a question I hear the most often from English learners: ‘How to remember vocabulary in English? I keep learning new words but I can never use […]

13 Everyday phrases: It depends, It doesn’t matter, It takes

It’s simple things we need to say every day which cause us the most trouble when learning a foreign language. Isn’t it a bit funny? Let me help you with […]

12 Talking about the weather

It seems easy to discuss the weather in English, but we, English learners, face a couple of difficulties with impersonal structures we need to use here.  How will it be […]

11 How to Pronounce Regular Verbs in the Past

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We know how to make up past forms for regular verbs but they still may cause us trouble in speaking. I hear pronunciation mistakes from […]

Why not Improve English Speaking with ‘Figure Out English’?

Podcasts are now a big deal in language learning, and it is quite easy to understand why. We develop our basic confidence in the language through listening. If we can […]

10 What are you good at? Describing skills

What are you good at? Or what are you bad at? We often need to talk about what we can do or can’t do: either at work (at the job […]

09 Ways to say you like something

<<Subscribe on iTunes>>  <<Support us>> Today I am talking about the structures we use a lot in everyday conversations: how to say that you like something and how much you […]

08 ‘More easier’ or ‘much easier’? – comparatives

Let’s talk about how to use comparatives in your English speaking.More…<<<Subscribe on iTunes>>>   <<<Watch on Youtube>>>   <<<Support us>>> Welcome to a new episode of our podcast ‘Figure Out English’ and thank you […]

07 What to ask when you arrive in your holiday accommodation

I want to help you a bit with English vocabulary for travel. If you don’t like package tours or hotels (like me), you probably book private accommodations through Airbnb site […]

06 I didn’t mean to… Apologising

Did you know that the verb ‘mean’ has two meanings in English? It can be also used for apologising. Learn more about it from the today’s episode.<<<Subscribe on iTunes>>>   <<<Watch […]

05 How much does it cost? Asking about price

This is another episode of ‘Figure Out English’ with communication tips. I am teaching you two ways to ask about a price of something: ‘How much is it?’ and ‘How […]

04 Easy way to ask questions – ‘Can I?’

I guess you will agree that asking questions is always the hardest in communication for English learners. I suggest you follow some basic patterns which you can use in many […]

03 So do I / Neither do I

Today we will learn how to say that something is the same for you when having a conversation in English. These are popular everyday phrases for your speaking.

02 Ways to say ‘I don’t understand’ in English

Today we deal with a confusing situation: how to say ‘I don’t understand’ in English. When you have problems with understanding – it is usual, and you shouldn’t be afraid […]

01 Greetings: ‘How are you’ or ‘How do you do’?

We start our conversation with greetings: we say Hello, introduce ourselves and ask how people are doing. If your conversation starts smoothly, it will be successful. In the first episode […]

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