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Prepositions Quiz | Smart English Learning

English Prepositions Quiz – Part 1 

How well do you know English prepositions? This prepositions quiz will help you check your knowledge. It’s free and fun!

Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz 2

Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz 2 

In our new vocabulary quiz you will learn and practise using 12 popular English phrasal verbs.

English Numbers Listening Test

English Numbers | Listening Test 

Train your listening understanding of English numbers with film extracts in various accents.

Thinking Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

Thinking – 8 Phrasal Verbs and Idioms | Vocabulary Quiz 

Learn and practise phrasal verbs and idioms about thinking process. Practical quiz with audio included.

English Verb Tenses Quiz | Learn English Online

Check your verb tenses | Online quiz 

Can you use English verb tenses easily? Check your knowledge with our free quiz! The test covers Present, Past, and Future tenses (including Reported Speech).

Learn English with Films - 10+ Great Movies about Travel

Learn English with Films: 10+ Great Movies about Travel 

How can you learn English with films? Read this blog post for some learning tips and a list of amazing films about travelling which will help you improve your listening skills and vocabulary.

Check your Phrasal Verbs for Travel | Vocabulary Quiz

Check your Phrasal Verbs for Travel | Vocabulary Quiz 

Check your knowledge of phrasal verbs for travel with our vocabulary quiz and be prepared to speak English on your next holiday.

Grammar Quiz: So do I / Neither do I | Learn English Online

Grammar Quiz: So do I / Neither do I 

Check how confidently you can use structures ‘So do I’ / ‘Neither do I’ in conversations in English.

Figure Out English 41 How to describe your level of language proficiency

41 How to talk about your English level 

How to tell people about your level of English? How can you describe your level of English proficiency? Learn useful spoken expressions for your conversations.