25 Other ways to say ‘I don’t know’

In this episode, I will be helping you with conversational phrases. We will learn other ways to say ‘I don’t know’.

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Hi guys and welcome to a new episode of our podcast.

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Today’s topic: Other ways to say ‘I don’t know’

Imagine somebody is asking you a question and you don’t know what to answer. Native speakers use different phrases for this, and now let’s learn them.

You can say:

  • I don’t know
  • I have no idea.
  • I’m not aware. (= I am not informed)
  • I don’t have the slightest idea.
  • I don’t have any idea.
  • Dunno (in very informal style)
  • Don’t ask me!
  • Not sure…
  • My best guess is…

Be careful about prepositions

We say ‘I don’t know about that’ but ‘I am not aware of that’.

That’s all for today.

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