19 How to use ‘likely’

Figure Out English Episode 19 How to use likely

I hope episode 18 solved all your problems with different uses of 'like' in English. What about 'likely'? How to use that? You will learn it from this episode.


'Likely' means probable, very possible.

When somebody asks you if you will come to the party, you can say: Likely, meaning that there is a great chance you will be there. And on the contrary, if you say: Unlikely - it means the chances of you coming are low.

Let's get down to the episode now.

Check out the episode below:


  • Will it rain tomorrow? - Likely / Very likely / Most likely (if the forecast shows 75% of higher probability of rain)
  • Do you think he will win in the competition? - Highly unlikely. He is not a strong candidate.
  • The flights are likely to be delayed because of the heavy snow.
  • It's likely he will be late. = He is likely to be late.
  • It's unlikely she will come back. = She is unlikely to come back.
  • Is he likely to get to this university? - The chances are high.
  • I am unlikely to show up at class tomorrow. I have some urgent personal business.
  • It's totally unlikely he will believe this stupid story.

Do you know how to talk about probability now? Can you try to make your own examples in the comments?

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Figure Out English Episode 19 How to use likely

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