09 Ways to say you like something

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Today I am talking about the structures we use a lot in everyday conversations: how to say that you like something and how much you like it (they are also called preferences).

There is a number of phrases you can use: each of them very different in the level of emotion it shows.

It’s also very important to remember what form of the verb we use after these structures because we often need to say that we like (or enjoy or…) doing something.

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Key takeaways


I like, I love, I am crazy about, I am a fan of + Ving

I like … very much. / I like … a lot. / I really like …

Example sentences:

  • I like going out.
  • I like going out very much.
  • I like going out a lot.
  • I love going out.
  • I am crazy about going out.
  • I am a huge fan of going out.
  • I am a keen socialiser. (or I am keen on going out.)

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