18 How to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings

How to use like Episode 18 | Figure Out English

This new episode of 'Figure Out English' podcast will teach you how to use 'like' in 2 different meanings. 

In episode 9 of our podcast, we learnt how to talk about preferences and use 'like' in phrases 'I like doing (or to do) something'. 

But I am sure you have seen or heard 'like' being used in other types of phrases: 'look like', 'be like'. It's a bit confusing, isn't it? Too much 'Like'. I will teach you how to use 'like' not just as a verb, but also as a preposition in everyday questions.

Let's jump right to the episode!


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Phrases to remember:

- What do you like? - I like sports. (talking about preferences)

- What would you like to do tonight? - I'd like to go to the cinema. (talking about a current wish)

- I'd like a glass of wine, please. (ordering)

- What are you like? - I am a fun and cheerful person. (asking about a person's character)

- How are you? - I am great, thanks. (asking about a person's state)

- What is the weather like today? What is this place like? What is the food there like? (asking about qualities)

- What does he look like? - He is tall and blonde. He looks Scandinavian. (asking about appearance)

- How does he look? - He looks tired. (asking about the state)

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How to answer the following questions correctly?

1) Do you like Thai food? 

2) Would you like Thai tonight? 

3) What does Bridget look like? 

4) What is Bridget like? 

5) And how is Bridget today?

Want to know the answers? Listen to the episode now!

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