30 How to showcase your professional skills

Today I will be talking about the ways to showcase your professional skills: how to say that you can do something well, at your job interview, in your resume, when talking about other people, when giving references to other people and so on.

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Phrases to use when talking about your professional skills

to be good at (I’m good at doing something)

  • I’m good at singing.
  • He is good at learning languages.
  • She is excellent at sales.
  • I am perfect at…
  • I am a genius at…

to be good with something

  • I’m good with people.
  • Are you good with numbers?
  • I’m good with languages.

What are you good with? or What are you good at doing? Answer these questions in the comments!

to have … skills

  • I have good people skills.
  • My friend has good communication skills.
  • To be a teacher, you need to have good communication skills.

to manage, to deal with, to handle

These are very good action verbs for your CV.

  • I managed to organise 13 projects in the last 3 years.

to have a flair for

  • I have a flair for languages.
  • My friend has a flair for numbers (= she’s so good with numbers).
  • He has a flair for mathematics.

to do something in your sleep

  • I can do maths in my sleep.
  • I can speak English in my sleep’.

to have a magic touch

  • She has a magic touch in design.

to ace something = to do really well

  • He aced last week’s negotiations.
  • I have aced the last English test.

to have an eye for…

  • He has an eye for investment (= he feels the good investment beforehand and it’s his talent, it’s his natural gift, it’s his natural ability).

I would also like to give you some more words about the talented person. How can you say that somebody is very good at something?

  • He’s a master.
  • She is a queen of design.
  • He is a negotiation king.
  • He’s a real prodigy.
  • You are a natural. 

To improve your business vocabulary, read as much as possible, listen to the podcasts and when you notice these words, then try to use them in your own speaking and writing.

Hope you like this episode!

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