14 How to remember vocabulary in English

Figure Out English Episode 14 | Daria Storozhilova

Today, I am answering a question I hear the most often from English learners: 'How to remember vocabulary in English? I keep learning new words but I can never use them in speaking. I just forget all words when I need to speak. That's an honest question, and let's get into it.


But before listening to the episode, please think for a minute and give me answers to these questions: How do you learn vocabulary: do you use an app (if yes, which one) or do you write them into a notebook (like I still do)? Do you have a system for practising vocabulary? How regularly do you study? What is your goal? What do you want to achieve?

We want you to be directed in your learning, otherwise it's all a big hot mess. So, when you learn new vocabulary, what should you main priorities be? Here is my answer.

Check out the episode below:

Key takeaways

Typical misconceptions:

  • I need to learn 10000 .... words in English, otherwise I can't speak;
  • Learning lists of words out of the context;
  • Learning words, not phrases;
  • Using dictionaries without examples;
  • Ignoring collocations dictionaries.

what you need to do:

  • Concentrate on the quality but not the quantity;
  • Learn words in combinations or set phrases from the context (reading or watching videos with English subtitles);
  • Make as many your own examples as possible;
  • Make collocations dictionaries your friends (I recommend ozdic.com).

Be smart about learning vocabulary: choose quality over quantity. #figureoutenglish

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