07 What to ask when you arrive in your holiday accommodation

Figure Out English Episode 07 | Smart English Learning

I want to help you a bit with English vocabulary for travel. If you don’t like package tours or hotels (like me), you probably book private accommodations through Airbnb site or others like it. In this episode, I am revising some of the questions and phrases you could use when communicating to your Aibnb or Couchsurfing hosts. Listen to the episode and repeat the phrases with me. They might be easy to translate, but be sure you can say them!

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Key Phrases to take away

useful words:

host / host family

a key /ki/ / keys /kiz/ Check the pronunciation here

cleaning fee (to charge the cleaning fee)

questions you could hear

When will you be arriving? When will you arrive?

what to say

I expect to be at your place at ... / I hope to be at your place at ... / I hope to arrive at about 5pm.

questions to ask

What is the name of the Wifi network? What is the Wifi password?

How do I find the flat? How do I get inside?

Can I use all the equipment here? Can I use a washing machine etc.? Learn more about 'Can I' questions

Should I empty the trash bins when I check out?

How do I check out? Where do I leave the keys?

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Episode 07 Figure Out English Podcast | Smart English Learning

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