01 Greetings: ‘How are you’ or ‘How do you do’?

Figure Out English Podcast Episode 01 Greetings | Smart Language Learning

We usually start our communication with greetings: we say Hello, we introduce ourselves and learn how the people are. This is how we make our first impression, and it is really important. If you conversation starts smoothly, there is a high chance it will be successful. So, in the first episode of our ‘Figure Out English’ podcast we will talk about greetings.

I want to drive your attention to one very important mistake people often make: mixing up ‘How are you?’ and ‘How do you do?’ If you use them wrongly, it will show you are not a confident English speaker, and we don’t want that, right? Listen to the episode below to learn how to use these phrases:

Check out the episode below:

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Key Phrases to take away

Ways to say 'hello':

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! (formal)

Hello! Hi!

How are you?

How are you doing?

How is it going?​

Ways to say 'goodbye':

Bye! Goodbye!

Good day! / Have a good day!

Good night.

See you later.

Take care.

things to say when you just met a person:

Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you too.

How do you do. - How do you do. (formal)

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