13 Everyday phrases: It depends, It doesn’t matter, It takes

It's simple things we need to say every day which cause us the most trouble when learning a foreign language. Isn't it a bit funny? Let me help you with that. Today, we are having a look at 3 everyday phrases we use a lot in English: it depends, it matters, and it takes.


They are a bit difficult because we start a sentence with an 'empty' 'it', and many people continue with 'is' after it. Here, though, we have full verbs used in Present Simple, so you need to be sure the structure is clear.

Key takeaways

Typical mistakes:

It's depends on the weather. What is it depend on? Correct: It depends / What does it depend on?

It isn't matter what I think. Correct: It doesn't matter...

I go to work for 20 minutes. I get to work for twenty minutes. Correct: It takes me 20 minutes to get to work.

It depends on:

What time do you get up? - It depends (=differently)

Will we go to a picnic tomorrow? - It depends on the weather. This doesn't depend on me.

What does it depend on?

it matters (=it's important):

Does it matter? Why does it matter to you?

It doesn't matter what they think. I am confident.

IT takes (about how long the action is):

It takes me 20 minutes to get to work by car. How long does it take you?

How long does it usually take to get to the airport at this hour?

It only took me an hour to prepare for the exam.

It won't take you long to cook something. Just make it simple.

You can't do without these simple phrases in everyday #english #figureoutenglish

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Figure Out English Episode 13 Everyday phrases

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