English Prepositions Quiz – Part 1

How well do you know English prepositions? This prepositions quiz will help you check your knowledge. It's free and fun!

Let’s check how well you can make up phrases in English. I have made this prepositions quiz to help you practise using prepositions of time and place. I have also included some set expressions with prepositions which you will need for your everyday communication in English.

This test covers some of the most popular mistakes English learners make when trying to use prepositions. So, if you make some mistakes, don’t get discouraged! Finish the quiz and this will help you avoid such errors in the future.

Levels tested: Intermediate, Advanced

Topics tested: Prepositions of Time, Place

Time to complete: 3 minutes

You can do the quiz as many times as you want. Just refresh the page to do it again.

How did you do? Share your results in the comments!

In Prepositions Quiz Part 2 we will practise the use of dependent prepositions after verbs, nouns, and adjectives. I will soon publish it on the blog – stay tuned!

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