I create courses and learning programmes for those who studied English at school or university, but feel that the knowledge is unstructured, and speaking English even in simple situations is stressful.

You don't need to start again and again from the zero if you want to finally start speaking English. You just need to organise everything you know and put it into practice, develop a skill. This is what my programmes will help you do.

Daria Storozhilova | Learn English Online

Don't know where to start?

You can first do the level test to check what you already know. After revising your test, I will offer you a programme which is the best for your needs.

Verb Tenses online course

Join this programme to develop confident speaking without mistakes.

Online speaking group

Practise English weekly in a small group of learners.

Coaching  through email

Don't have time for classes? Get weekly lessons to your email.

Verb Tenses Workout (Online Course) | Daria Storozhilova

Verb tenses Workout

It is an online course helping you stop making mistakes in the English verb tenses. We go step-by-step to develop a strong base for your speaking and use all the main tenses easily. The course consists of video lessons and group speaking calls. Perfect for Low Intermediate level.


I enjoy studying in the Speaking Group very much! The people are so nice! We all think that learning is hard, but when you can practise English in a group, it is a lot of fun and use! 

It's exactly what I wanted for my English!


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