Learn English Reported Speech

Learn Reported Speech Rules | Smart English Learning

Have you always felt confused about the rules of reported speech in English?

Is it difficult for you to make up complex sentences in English?

Join our new grammar class to make one the most important steps on your way to English fluency!

Reported speech traditionally confuses most English learners. There are numerous rules you need to remember and we tend to forget all of them when we start speaking. 

We have collected the most important grammar transformations you need to know and have explained them in an easy way, without too complex grammar terminology helping you master English reported speech.

In this class, you will know about:

  • the most common mistakes you need to avoid in your speaking;
  • how to talk about different actions using verb patterns instead of reported speech (spoiler: it’s an easier way 😉
  • how to re-tell other people’s words and do it accurately;
  • everything you need to know to speak clear, correct English at Advanced level.

The class is perfect for Intermediate and Advanced English learners and will become a helpful grammar guide for your speaking and writing in English.

*** Join the class now and speak English fluently and accurately! ***

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