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Do you want to speak English easily?

Welcome to the Learn English Conversation course which will teach you how to start speaking English in everyday context. It must have taken you a while to get here, but believe me, you are in the right place.

What is special about this course?

We all know that the most important element in learning a language is to learn how to speak. We learn English for years and still can’t communicate correctly and fluently. What is the reason? We just do it all wrong. We just learn grammar and words, but not how to do a conversation.

So in this course, you will learn the most important communication skills. I will teach you how to think in English and train you to take part in any conversation.

In this course, you will practise set expressions and phrases which you will be using again and again in various situations when talking to native speakers or with anyone while travelling around the world.

Who is this course for?

The course is everybody who needs to improve their spoken English! It’s good for beginners, and it will become a useful reference guide for Intermediate English learners.

Please note that the course is ‘Basic Conversation Skills’ so it won’t be helpful for Advanced students of English or those who speak English every day.

I’m looking forward to helping you to improve your English conversation skills. After doing this course, you will NOT be afraid to speak English and never be short of words. I recommend repeating the phrases aloud after me to develop the muscle memory for actual speaking. I am sure if you practise what I taught inside the course, you will be able to communicate fluently in English as you always wanted.

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