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Can You Speak Better English in 5 days?

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Hi! My name is Daria.

I will teach you what English learners often say wrong and how to speak correctly in just 5 days without boring rules and stress.

  • You learn real English. We will discuss set phrases and vocabulary used in everyday communication. 
  • Practical approach to grammar. Learn how to use English, not just the theory. Fix some annoying everyday grammar mistakes just in 5 days.
  • It's highly important to understand and to be understood. Learn which pronunciation mistakes are important to avoid in speaking.
  • Get learning tips and recommendations about your next step. You will get the learning plan for your English for free!

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Best way to improve English...

I love your courses! Your explanations are really good. You are a very professional teacher. Seriously, I am recommending your courses to everyone I know because it's the best way to learn English!

Maria  //  Russia

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