Check your conversation skills in English

Do you speak English or do you translate from your language in your head? Check your knowledge of common conversation phrases with our new quiz.

Levels tested: Elementary, Intermediate

Topics tested: Daily English Conversation

Time to complete: 2 minutes

How well can you communicate in English? I hope you all know that how well you speak is not always represented by your knowledge of grammar in English words.

To communicate well, you need to know and be able to use common English phrases for conversation.
Ask yourself:

  • Can you react fast to people’s questions?
  • Do you know social formulas for everyday communication?

Practise conversation skills on a regular basis. Today’s quiz is offering some help.

Free English Learning Guide

If you want to understand real-life conversations in English, you need to know phrasal verbs. They are an important part of everyday English speaking.

Download our Guide ’55 Common Phrasal Verbs’ to expand your vocabulary for free

This Guide is for those who:

  • have already studied English and are at A2-B2 level;
  • want to expand their English vocabulary;
  • want to understand native speakers, films and TV shows.


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