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18 How to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings

This new episode of 'Figure Out English' podcast will teach you how to use 'like' in 2 different meanings. 

In episode 9 of our podcast, we learnt how to talk about preferences and use 'like' in phrases 'I like doing (or to do) something'. 

But I am sure you have seen or heard 'like' being used in other types of phrases: 'look like', 'be like'. It's a bit confusing, isn't it? Too much 'Like'. I will teach you how to use 'like' not just as a verb, but also as a preposition in everyday questions.

Let's jump right to the episode!

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14 of the Most Useful Business English Expressions (for Small Businesses) & How to Use Them!

Guest post by Ashleigh from My Business English Coach.

Do you run or work for a small business or startup? Here are some the most useful business English expressions to help you rock small business talk, get you business English fluent and express yourself (like a boss) this year.

Not all business phrases are created equal, some are used much more than others. In this article I’ll show you some of the most common business English expressions for small businesses. I’ll also show you how to actually use these phrases in real life situations, so you can use them too.

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Best English Learning Websites (Article from Real English Conversations)

What are the best English learning websites? These days, Internet offers numerous opportunities for online language learning and the question on choice becomes the biggest one, I believe.

Last week I was very pleased to know that Amy from 'Real English Conversations' decided to include me into her article 'Learn English Online with these 30 Incredible Websites'.

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