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Small talk tips: 3 reasons you should love it

Guest post with cool small talk tips by Nick from English with Nick / Skype Englisch

No matter where I am, I hear complaints about how small talk is superficial, boring, and pointless. From my students, in online forums, and from my friends.

Sometimes they even go so far as to insult people who engage in small talk, calling them shallow, dull, and worthless.

In fact, I used to think the same thing, but now I see small talk from another perspective.

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18 How to use ‘like’ in 2 different meanings

This new episode of 'Figure Out English' podcast will teach you how to use 'like' in 2 different meanings. 

In episode 9 of our podcast, we learnt how to talk about preferences and use 'like' in phrases 'I like doing (or to do) something'. 

But I am sure you have seen or heard 'like' being used in other types of phrases: 'look like', 'be like'. It's a bit confusing, isn't it? Too much 'Like'. I will teach you how to use 'like' not just as a verb, but also as a preposition in everyday questions.

Let's jump right to the episode!

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