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English Verb Tenses Quiz | Learn English Online

Check your verb tenses | Online quiz 

Can you use English verb tenses easily? Check your knowledge with our free quiz! The test covers Present, Past, and Future tenses (including Reported Speech).

Check your Phrasal Verbs for Travel | Vocabulary Quiz

Check your Phrasal Verbs for Travel | Vocabulary Quiz 

Check your knowledge of phrasal verbs for travel with our vocabulary quiz and be prepared to speak English on your next holiday.

Grammar Quiz: So do I / Neither do I | Learn English Online

Grammar Quiz: So do I / Neither do I 

Check how confidently you can use structures ‘So do I’ / ‘Neither do I’ in conversations in English.

Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz 1 | Learn English Online

Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz 1 

Here is our new quiz! I have picked 15 most common phrasal verbs in English speaking – can you get them all right?

Quiz: Verbs of speaking | Learn English Online

Check if you use SPEAK, TALK, TELL, and SAY correctly 

I hear that people often confuse verbs of speaking: SPEAK, TALK, TELL, and SAY. How good are you with these verbs? Check with our new quiz.

Common English Phrases for Conversation | Free English Quiz

Check your conversation skills in English 

Do you speak English or do you translate from your language in your head? Check your knowledge of common conversation phrases with our new quiz.